The Beauty in Getting Lost

I started this trip by cursing google maps because its direction to pass a ‘rat road’ which was quite challenging and the road was very scary. But the good news is...I'm happy because the view is fascinating.

"It's similar to Ubud, Nov!" I said to Nova who accompanied my trip this time.

After passed the google recommendation ‘rat road’, I found the main road which was wider and seemed normal. ‘Welcome to Kopeng’ signpost makes it as an entertainment for my upset.

After the fascinating view like Ubud now the view amazed us and i tried to confirm my opinion to Nova.

"It’s crazy I can see five mountains in front of me, right Nov?"

She nodded.

I had stopped the motorbike several times to take a short break while breathing deeply. Fresh air immediately filled my lungs and makes the bad feeling disappear, for a while.

Our main goal is Kopeng tourism park, but again, it's hard to read directions on google maps, even though we have asked for directions from local people, we were led to a village that I'm sure there are no tourist attractions there.

But Google still points there.

This optimism in the end did not give a results. We're lost somewhere. The asphalt road turned into a casting road and then we passed a number of flower shops, went into the alley and as far as the eye could see only the rice fields and gardens from local people were visible.

unknown road

I asked Nova how the next would be, just continue and face the risk we're getting lost in somewhere both of us didn’t know or turning around. We both finally decided to continue the journey in case the crossroads find the road we were looking for *still optimist*

At the end of an uphill road I pray we arrived in our destination. The pull of the gas in the right hand and my prayer kept me optimistic, our goal was very close, as Google maps said of course.

And when it was at the front corner of the incline, a wide field of vegetables, accompanied by Mount Merbabu soaring dashing. The blue sky seemed to say, "Stop for a moment, just enjoy this view, it's free for you. This is not a tourism place yet the scenery is great.. "

Can you find the farmer?

That was our trip that day, not finding our destination, but it turned out that the landscape we found was fascinating. Rows of mountains and hills neatly lined up, there are Mount Andong, Mount Sumbing, Mount Slamet, Mount Sindoro and others.

There was a group of farmers who were harvesting their crops and people who carry cabbages to sell in the market. 

We both sat near the motorbike watching flowers in the fields blown by the wind.

Here is the short video :


  1. wahh pasti adem banget ya disana, banyak pepohonan ddan udaranya pasti bersih banget

  2. Tidak apa-apa tersesat, penting dapat pemandangan indah. Jarang-jarang bisa melihat Gunung Merapi, Merbabu, Andong, Telomoyo dan yang lainnya dalam waktu bersamaan,

  3. Sometimes, getting lost or walking impulsively is fun and challenging!


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