What Should To Do, Next?

Today I feel exhausted to do the marathon film and also read some articles in some online media. I thought my vacation with no-thesis assistance will be a great idea but I thought I was wrong. I was tired too. I have to back to my routine,soon.

On the other hand, when I enjoy my vacation time, I also make self-hearing with so many topics. One of them is about this blog. I don't know why my mind directing me that thought, but I'm sure it has a relation with my stuck to manage this blog.

One day I want to close this blog. I didn't know what to do next with it. I'm stuck. Bored with my own post, lazy to edit and collect the photos, and others. I became a perfectionist to my blog and that's one of the factors why I want to close this blog. I know I put high standards to my own creation because that's the first thing people see when they visit my blog.

But I thought I was wrong.

I read an article from http://www.amyflyingakite.com/, and it is said that

It is totally true. Here I can find my self-growing and escape place from mundane. From a girl who was born in a small place, far from the city, don't know what to do in her life and now I can see some parts of the world. Sometimes I see myself as a fighter but sometimes I see myself as a couch potato who didn't have an itinerary when she explores a city abroad with her friend. But I thought I was not a couch potato we just a follow the river team :p.

To sum up my thought in this post, sometimes I didn't allow myself to put high standards in my own creation. People allow to make a mistake, I don't have to use my mirrorless camera to make a video or photos, just use a camera phone cause it didn't have any differences. Otherwise, I have to use it when I have a special thing to do. But it is so okaay to just use simple tools.


  1. Aku dulu juga pernah punya fase pengen nutup blog dan dan akhirnya tak tutuplah blog pertamaku pas dulu SMP ce.. tapi lama-lama ya bikin blog lagi. Aslinya yg bikin jiwa stress ya gegara dgerin standarnya org. Yg sana sana pengen foto bagus, yg sini video, tulisan bgs dll. Sampe lupa, kalo tujuan nulis buatku pribadi adalah proses self healing. Orang suka tulisan, buatku adalah sebuah bonus. Kalo postinganku trafficnya rendah ga ada yg baca pun ya gamasalah.

    Anyway semangat Ceee.. ayo kita Berkelana.

  2. Padahal keren gini lhoo.. dan aku berusaha membaca tiap dirimu apdet di story hehe.. semangat yaa :D

  3. Surely we know what we will do. We are stuck because of overdoing things as if everything seems complicated.

    Keep fighting, Imama. Including for Denai Guna.


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