behind the boredom

Sometimes when we are in class we feel so bored and can't focus on lecture material. So when i feel it i draw for several simple picture and upload the picture in instagram and this is it :

this is an art pattern in a hand and this is my favorite < 3 

this one is a heart that slipped after stepping a banana and finally it was broken :(

a bear below the number 

bored totally of a rabbit -_-

a lady with konde

This is a picture of my president,similiar enough right? :p

this is mr jokowi , the governor of jakarta :))

Most all of the picture was made of kreatips and i follow the instruction hehe... the instruction is so very easy and i think everyone can do it (except a baby :p) , so what are you waiting for ? let's move your hand and make your own masterpiece picture

ps: click on a picture to enlarge it


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